Express Enterprices Trade Department



Company Policies are:

We maintain a completely neutral stance in Galactic Politics and will happily trade with anybody or faction.

We will specialize in Market Access Management with the hope of creating a Trade Network spanning the whole Galaxy that will be available to all. Supply and Demand Buying and Selling as well as running our own manufacturing complexes.

We offer Logistics, hauling all over the galaxy, no job being too large or too small.

We also offer Construction of cities, facilities, and stations as well as Data Card and Shipyard Rentals.

We offer Facility Management and Middle services.

We aim to be the best and most reasonable faction out there. In the hopes that sentients will not only want to do business with us time and time again but also reward our customers by giving something back at the same time.

Express Enterprices strives to offer multiple markets and trading stations around the Galaxy to provide better access to the SWC market. We also offer our mobile store and stations around the Galaxy to provide easier access to products that everyone wants or needs.


Year 18, Day 260, EE was taken over by Ember Aranyos