Security Force & Navy



“Security. Privacy. Access.”

The Security Force is Rogue Tiger Corp’s planetary military force, given the mandate of protecting and enforcing law and order on all sites of Rogue Tiger’s many Factions Facilities. The soldiers and officers of the Security Forces rely on superior discipline, advanced weaponry, and courage to carry the day.

The mission of the Security Force, in short, is to:

  • Uphold law and order on every RTC owned asset or facility.
  • Support and protect all transport within the company.
  • Conduct regular training operations and maneuvers to ensure unit cohesion and efficacy.
  • Coordinate efforts with the Navy to ensure RTC’s safe travels in space and on the ground, and lastly,
  • Provide assistance and support in the form of military action to allies of the Corporation who so require it – when deemed necessary of the Board Of Directors.

The Security Force is led by Sec. Command, the highest echelon in the service. SCOMD, as it is more commonly known, is comprised of officers who hold the following positions: Sec. Commanding Officer, Sec. Executive Officer, Sec. Logistics Officer, and Sec. Signals Officer. SCOMD acts as an overarching body, controlling all Security Forces Battalions, which in turn is divided into 2 Companies each. Each of these Companies is assigned to a facility or owned property of Express Enterprices, and they can be identified as either Law Enforcement or Security Companies.


“Protective Dagger Of Rogue Tiger Corp”

The Navy is Rogue Tiger’s space military force. Charged with the protection of the Company’s assets in space, The Navy works closely with the company’s civilian pilots to ensure safe cargo shipping and travels. The Navy is also tasked with areal space defense around RTC’s various facilities. To achieve that end the Navy can draw upon a vast array of ships. The Finest officers and enlisted are what make this organisation great.

The mission of the The Navy is to protect The Company’s spacebound assets and RTCs personnel through:
• Perfoming regular patrols near RTCs facilities and assets.
• Working and coordinating with the Security Force and Board Of Directors to ensure optimal protection of the company.
• Training and improving existing combat tactics as well as developing new ways to defeat the enemy;

The Navy is lead by Navy Command consisting of the Navy Commanding Officer, the Navy Executive Officer, the Navy Logistics Officer and the Navy Signals Officer. They are in direct control of all fleets. Each fleet is assigned to a RTC core facility and commanded by a Fleet Commanding Officer. A fleet is usually split into two or more groups with specialised combat roles.