Safe Trading Advice

Express Enterprices is currently working on creating a list of friendly Corporations with the purpose of providing goods and services for the EE & DDC members. We encourage our members to buy from these corporations in order to protect them from becoming victims of crime to some of the Galaxies more unsavory characters. You can also be guaranteed that these products will be at the cutting edge of technology, at the most competitive price. Below is a list of the current Corporations and their area of expertise:


  • Drearian Defense Conglomerate: Weapons, Ship, Vehicle, Droid, Armor Specialists
  • JUGANOTH Mining Corporation: Resource Specialists
  • Express Enterprices: FI Management, Trading & Transportation Specialists
  • SYT Transport: Trading & Transportation Specialists
  • Independent Traders Infonet: Information Specialists
  • More to be added


Trading with Non-Member Entities (NME’s)

For safe trading with friendly and neutral Entities, members should be particularly careful. EE & DDC endeavors to prevent petty crime, recommends that all members follow these essential safe trading practices.

1. Check trader’s status.

Traders with good trading history probably won’t scam you for small sums of credits. There are lists of known entity’s with a poor trading record, so that you can check a trader before finishing the deal. Spending just a few minutes can save you from losing hard-earned credits. It should be noted, these are not official lists made by EE or DDC.

2. Don’t send credits first.

You should do this only when trading with known middles or trusted traders and even doing that there is a chance of being robbed.

3. Insist on using a middle.

If the honesty of a trading party is in doubt, then it is recommended that a middleman should be employed, especially if the other party refuses to send first. This should give you a good reason to doubt their intentions.

4. Location, Location, Location

While doing trades, you should always be careful to check that the entities you are wanting to buy aren’t docked inside a ship / station without access or on a planet’s surface under shields.

The Trading Blacklist

Express Enterprices & Drearian Defense Conglomerate is currently working on creating a list of known criminals, pirates, and rebels that have been made known as dangerous to trade with. BeingĀ  strictly Neutral we do not have any restrictions on trading.

Trading on the Centrepoint Marketplace & Trade Federation Market

We recognize that the Centrepoint Marketplace (CPM) & Trade Federation Market (DOT) are the leading market organizations in the galaxy, safety should be used when dealing with others when buying and selling on these markets.