About Rogue Tiger Corp.


Teresa Rowley and Jerex Nizz together with their Vornskrs – Amber and Zack

Teresa Rowley is the owner of Rogue Tiger Corporation along with its nfg group; Rogue Tiger Logistics.  Together with a small group of trusted friends, they runs their companies.

The Board consists of: 

Joe Raptor, is a most loyal advisor, their right hand, and bestfriend. He helps run any department or job needed not matter what and leads Express Recycling.

Matsu Makino, who left Kingdom of Elysium, to run the banking division. Co leads RTC until his death.

Dara Sewell, Domin Rob is one of Teresa’s closest friends.

Chris Morgan, runs RT Construction, he is one of Teresa’s closest friend.

Jerex Nizz, whom left the Galactic Empire, to run the Internal Affairs of the Corporation, upon the sell out of the other companies returned to GE.


About Rogue Tiger Corporation

In the Year 18, Day 200, Teresa Rowley formed the Rogue Tiger Corporation as the parent corp to run the many factions and NFGs she owned.

RTC Company Policies are:

We maintain a completely neutral stance in Galactic Politics and will happily trade with anybody or faction.

We will specialize in Market Access Management with the hope of creating a Trade Network spanning the whole Galaxy that will be available to all. Supply and Demand & Buying and Selling as well as running our own manufacturing complexes.

We offer Logistics, hauling all over the galaxy, no job being too large or too small.

We will provide the best in manufactured ships and products that are both needed and affordable.

We also offer Construction of cities, facilities, and stations as well as Data Card and Shipyard Rentals.

We will provide Recycling services to all those in need, as well as the needed equipment and personnel.

We offer Facility Management and Middle services.

We offer the galaxy a wide range of Sporting Venues & Activities .

We strive to offer the best in Auctioning & Banking Services to the Sentients of the Galaxy.

We strive to offer the Best in Security and Military Training to those in need of Space and Ground Abilities.

We aim to be the best and most reasonable faction out there. In the hopes that sentients will not only want to do business with us time and time again but also reward our customers by giving something back at the same time.

We strive to offer multiple markets and trading stations around the Galaxy to provide better access to the SWC market. We also offer our mobile store and stations around the Galaxy to provide easier access to products that everyone wants or needs.


About Express Enterprices

Express Enterprices, formerly known as Joruba Trading Corporation was originally formed by Three Brothers under the name of Joruba Consortium.

The Consortium enjoyed a successful wholesale distribution business buying up cheap stock in backwater planets shipping it to more desirable locations and then selling it for profit. It kept itself relatively quiet in the public domain due to it being a front for their various illegal activities. Fortunately, the Sector Rangers picked up on these activities and arranged a sting operation. They sent in Two Agents, who infiltrated the Consortium, Capturing the Three Brothers and seizing all their assets.
Then with change in the rules of Galactic Trading, the Sector Rangers were approached about the possibility of reforming Joruba back into the once great faction it was.

After almost four years, Joruba Consortium was acquired by the Solonar Ranger family on Year 17, Day 33. Brian MacBoruma became the owner and lead trader. He changed the name to Joruba Trading Corp, and continued to follow in the footsteps of the previous owners.

In Year 17, Day 313, Teresa Rowley acquired Joruba Trading Corp from Brian MacBoruma, upon his retirement and merged it into her growing NFG; Express Enterprices. She changed JTC’s name to Express Enterprices, expanded the services offered, ensuring that it would continue to thrive and expand. The board of directors she had set up for her NFG quickly stepped up to help in running the faction, each director heading a different department in the growing company, all working together towards making the company run smoothly and efficiently, to provide top quality services to their customers.

In Year 18, Day 260, Teresa transferred the EE shell to Ember Araynos




About Drearian Defense Conglomerate

Drearian Defense Conglomerate, sometimes shortened to DDC, is a weapons manufacturing company that specializes in high-quality blasters and rifles. Drearian is also well-known in providing armaments and droid manufacturing. One of our products is the DDC Defender, the model is popular with nobility and aristocrats. We also specialize in effective starship building our most prized ship is the Corellian Star Shuttle, a great ship for diplomats.

Drearian Defense Conglomerate, is on the forefront of exploration and colonization, providing a place for the citizens of crowded star systems to expand and flourish on. We know there are a treasure trove of virgin worlds out there.

Drearian Defense Conglomerate hires both rookies and Vets, anyone can find a place within our ranks and you will climb them swiftly with experience and effort. We can guide you through every step of the way, and provide you with higher intensity training in areas others can only dream of. WE also offer our people many benefits and perks to aid you in your plans on your time off.

In Year 18 Day 44, Teresa Rowley purchased DDC from the Solonar Ranger Family and her company, Express Enterprices took over management. Under the care of EE, we also offer our members and customers top quality services and products from security, trading, logistics, building, as well as FI and Station Management.

Year 18, Day 260, Dominic von Black bought the DDC shell.



About Express Recycling

Express Recycling, sometimes shortened to ER, is a recycling company created to dispose of the old and wrecked buildings and ships. By recycling these into newer raw materials that can be used to build newer and better facilities, stations and ships or items.  ER strives to provide a very valuable and much needed service to the galaxy.

Express Recycling hires both rookies and Vets, anyone can find a place within our ranks and you will climb them swiftly with experience and effort. We can guide you through every step of the way, and provide you with higher intensity training in areas others can only dream of. WE also offer our people many benefits and perks to aid you in your plans on your time off.

In the Year 18, Day 230, Teresa Rowley seeing a much needed service in the galaxy started ER with  the aid of Matsu Makino, Joe Raptor and five trusted members.

In Year 18, Day 266, Makino Matsu bought half interest in ER and RTC. Upon his death, ER was sold to Mecrotica Family of companies and Teresa and most of her members joined Mecrotica groups. She kept her NFG, Rogue Tiger Corp.