Military Training Academy

“Training Today for a Better Tomorrow”

The Military Training Academy trains RTCs and its customers ground & space military forces. Charged with the protection of their assets in space, and on the ground.  The MTA works closely with civilian pilots to ensure safe cargo shipping and travels. The Finest officers and enlisted are what make this organisation great.

The mission of the The MTA is to train personnel to protect The Company’s space & ground assets and personnel through:
• Perfoming regular patrols near facilities and assets.
• Working and coordinating with the Security Force and Board Of Directors to ensure optimal protection of the company.
• Training and improving existing combat tactics as well as developing new ways to defeat the enemy; using hunting of creatures and bandits.

The MTA is lead by MTA Command consisting of the Commanding Officer, the Executive Officer, the Logistics Officer and the Signals Officer. They are in direct control of all groups. Each group is assigned to and commanded by a Commanding Officer with specialised combat skills.