Joining Express Enterprices
Express Enterprices is a ever-growing company. We are constantly looking for new and ambitious staff that could fill our ranks. Whatever your thing is, there are good opportunities for a successful job, tailored just for you. There are many ways to have a distinguished career and demonstrate your loyalty towards the company. To apply for service with Express Enterprices, visit the Recruitment Centre.

Diplomatic Department.
So you like meddling with people, negotiations, maybe sealing that special deal? The diplomatic department is just the right place for you! We have dozens of polished diplomats working cases and sets up and arranges several business deals for our behalf.

You like to meet people but want to be on a more hands approach of the deal? No problem, become one of our many traders that travels the galaxy selling or buying in our trades.

Rather pick up a hammer and make something out of your barehands. Join our ranks of crafty constructors! Facility and Citybuilding are their trades.

You like to construct but work on a smaller scale? The Production wing is right up your alley! Concentrating on manufacturing of all sorts!

Fancy flying? See the galaxy, but in a non-combatant role? Join our logistics wing and fly the galaxy with our precious cargo.

Defence Fleet
The best suitable position for all hotshots, or people who dreams of commanding big Capital Vessels. The DefenceFleet is our space-bourne defense against pirates and other criminality that threatens and endangers our operations.

Security Force
You like to keep law and order, but want to have your feet steadily on the ground? The Security Force is most surely the position for you! Join our ranks of soldiers and keep order to our hubs and stations scattered throughout the galaxy!