Diplomatic Department


Courageous and brave”

The Diplomatic Department consists of professional diplomats carrying out the mission to represent Express Enterprices. We work strategically and operationally , from analysis to activation. We offer qualified advice and support in the implementation of public affairs , corporate communications and financial communications.

The mission of the Diplomatic Department, in short, is to:

  • Represent Express Enterprices in every strategical and operational affair through communicative advice and conversation.
  • Mediate in the internal affairs of the parties inside Express Enterprices.
  • Setting up coarses in diplomacy and maintain knowledge in the field.

The Diplomatic Department is led by the high consular group. HCG as it is more commonly known, is comprised of diplomats who hold the following positions: Head Of Diplomacy, High Consul, Logistics Consul, and Signals Consul. They are in direct control of all of the diplomats that are on mission, comissioned by Express Enterprices and deployed on several worlds and stations.