Diplomatic Contact


Head Of Diplomacy –

The Diplomatic Department consists of professional diplomats carrying out the mission to represent Express Enterprices. We work strategically and operationally, from analysis to activation. We offer qualified advice and support in the implementation of public affairs, corporate communications and financial communications.

Should you have any problems or questions, feel free to find any EE or DDC Staff Member on our IRC channel #EE, or feel free to contact any of the above representatives via the Darkness Direct Message service or check out the other sections of the Recruitment Department including the Related Links which may prove instructional.
To send a Darkness Message (DM) go to the bottom of the Members Menu to the Comm-link or Envelope icon on your notification bar, both get you to the Send Message page. You will have 2 text boxes to write in. The first text box is where you input the name of the player you wish to send a message to. You can also send the same message to more than one person by putting a semicolon(;) between each name. The second text box is where you input your message.
Click the [Send] button and the message will be sent.