Board Of Directors

Board of Directors of Rogue Tiger Corporation


Owners : Teresa Rowley & Matsu Makino

Assistants: Joe Raptor, Domin Rob, Zack Cole, Chris Morgan, Forest Berger & Lorelei Matsu


Ministry of Defense

Security & Intelligence: Matsu Makino

Navy: Joe Raptor

Army: Aurbolk Sebuliir

Hunting & Training: Matsu Makino & Domin Rob


Ministry of the Interior

Logistics: Teresa Rowley

Recycling: Joe Raptor & Matsu Makino

Resources / Mining: Zack Cole

Auction: Matsu Makino

Medical: Lorelei Matsu


Ministry of Finance

Banking: Matsu Makino


FI Management: Zack Cole

Stores Management: Joe Raptor & Jerex Nizz


Ministry of Production

Construction: Chris Morgan

Manufacturing: Dara Sewell


Ministry of Internal Affairs

Admissions: Joe Raptor

Training: Forest Berger & Joe Raptor

Artwork: Matsu Makino & Jerex Nizz


Ministry of External Affairs

Diplomacy: Teresa Rowley

Special Advisors: Exanthium Keresnky & Kasa Adenn


The board of directors is the body of appointed members who oversee the activities of Express Enterprices together with its Director. The board consists of two members selected from each branch. One main member, and its substitute. The Board Of Directors meets one time every month.

Typical duties of the Board Of Directors include:

  • Governing the company by establishing broad policies and setting out strategic objectives.
  • Ensuring the availability of adequate financial resources
  • Approving annual budgets