Late Night Credit Fight Auction

Late Night Credit Fight Auction

Auction Sponsors:

Express Enterprices

Rogue Tiger Corp

Teresa Rowley Matsu & Makino Matsu

Auction Board Members:
Alex Malik & Brian MacBoruma
Exanthium Kerensky
Mishka Sorokin
Wedge Cornely
Dominic Von Black & Fae
Auction rules:
Rule #1: After the Auction event is announced to the general public, the people that wish to submit an asset (ship, vehicle, item, facility, droid, artwork, etc) have until 24-hours prior to the starting time of the event to submit their asset. If it is submitted within 24-hours of the event starting, it will be placed in the auction date to follow and the seller will be notified as such.
Rule #2: When submitting an asset for the auction, the seller must include all pertinent data regarding the asset (U/U/U – Coordinates – Images – etc). If there is any missing data and it is not rectified within 1-hour of the auction starting .. it will be removed and the seller will be notified of the reason for it’s removal.
Rule #3: When placing an asset up for auction, the seller must designate a starting bid .. if there is no suggested starting price submitted 1-hour prior to the event starting, then the price will begin at 100k credits.
Rule #4: Reserve Pricing .. If this is requested by the seller it will be considered as the starting price of the asset in question.
Rules #5: No bidder is allowed to bid on their own lot number(s). If you are caught by any of the Auction Board as having done so, you will be banned from attending the next auction. This is in place to avoid someone bidding up their own item in order to get a higher amount than what is actually being bid for it. If you wanted a specific credit amount for the item, you should consider setting a Reserve Price instead.
Rule # 6: When submitting an asset for auction, the seller will need to check the published listing for that days/nights event to be sure where their asset(s) will be located.
Rule #7: Due to the popularity of the Late Night Credit Fight Auction Event, there will be limited number of lots available for each scheduled time slot. When the lots are full, anything submitted after that will be given the opportunity to be placed into the list for the following auction .. or the seller may remove it for future consideration.
Rule #8: Each seller will be limited to the number of assets placed in each individual auction. Due to the limiting of auction slots per auction event, each seller will be limited to no more than 3 assets groups so as to allow more people to participate in selling their assets off as well.
Rule #9: If at anytime a bidder decides to drop out of the bidding for whatever reason, they are not allowed to come back in and raise the bid any further.
Rule #10: If you decide to ‘retract’ your bid for whatever reason you may have, you are not allowed to re-enter the bidding process on that lot number. You are not allowed to come back into the bidding process and start raising someone else’s bid. Also, when a higher bid is ‘retracted’ the bid will revert to the last lower bid and will then recommence from that point forward.